Sunday, April 21, 2013

Teaser Episode Ten: The Devil You Know...

Season One, Episode 10: The Devil You Know...

Wherein our heroes find themselves in the smoldering, besieged town of Manc.  Will they find the persons and answers they seek, what terrible dangers wait for them in the burning rubble of Manc?  What fresh betrayals will they uncover?

 Opening Credits: Sunn O))) & Boris "Etna" from Altar

Summary - Episode Nine: “ Smoke and Siege”

Season One, Episode Nine: Smoke and Siege

Wherein our heroes arrived at the Ashen Kingdom town of Manc and found it besieged by the XXIII Legion.  After entering the military camp in the guise of ale sellers, the company engaged in some   reconnaissance and discovered that they were the subject of some intense interest.  The interested party turned out to be a teenage boy, Gerrard Lackland, who knows Duchess Karin Locklight and has sought out Sir Henry Fullspring, seeking to become his squire.  Norah then encountered Lt. Aiden Caskwell, an old childhood friend who invited her to dinner.  Accepting the offer, Norah, as well as Mercutio, Hardwick and Sorina, who accompanied her, found themselves knocked unconscious by poison as part of a Frumentarii plot.  Luckily, Gerrard knew where they were being taken and led Hinrik and Trent there to break the others out of prison.   Gerrard arrived in the knick of time and soon the company was fleeing through the darkness.  Once they were sure of their escape, Hardwick called upon the Night Hunter's Art, howled to the sky and discovered a sewer tunnel the company could crawl through to gain entry into Manc while avoiding the besieging soldiers and zombies.  Once in the city, the company fought off a pack of giant rats and then barely avoided being swept into a pool of sewage by a flood of smaller rats before they climbed, filthy but mostly unhurt, into the smoldering city above.

Closing Credits: Wire "Time Lock Fog" from Change Becomes Us

Monday, April 8, 2013

Episode 1.08 - Character Journal - Hinrik


I've recently gotten information from a our common acquaintance in the desert that your nephew has aligning himself with the dastardly Oswald Locklight in ways that may prove detrimental to you.  Keep your eyes wide and let me know if you believe our interests in the matter align.


Episode 1.08 - Character Journal - Hardwick

So, today, I learned how to stay quiet...and I hated every moment of it.

After leaving the big city we set off on "official business" under the guise of bringing libations to the army stationed around the city. On the way, we were to stop by a cache of weapons and supplies left for the resistance.

We were being careful as we approached the spot we thought the supplies were hidden. We spotted three men digging in the general area, obviously searching for something. The first was a mountain of a man. Over 9 feet tall. The second, as normal as can be described. The last, was a short man. He was doing most of the talking.

I stayed and watched while the others decided what to do with them. They decided to talk with them to try and find out who told them about the cache. I hung back in case a fight broke out. I targeted the big guy first.

As the others brought them back to camp, I stayed back in the woods... silently waiting. That was the roughest time of my life. I had to be so quiet... how do those hunters do it?? Next time I'm just staying with the group or shooting the big guy in the head as a precaution. It wold be better than being quiet.

By the way, they were apparently on our side the whole time... figures.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Episode 1.08 - Character Journal - Corrie

Caro Diario,

Thankfully we keep South and are heading towards a true and just endeavor there. Or so I dare hope. Who knows what folly may come of it with this mercurial crew. Who are these comrades? Though we live together bosom close and spend months of hard travel, I seem to know them not.

Praise all the Heavens that this encounter with the Diggers was a mild one. I fear I am the only one in this company worried about how we get in the besieged city. How formidable are the defenses? How to avoid the red heart patrols? Should we attempt disguise? Och! And then once in, how do we get out? This merchant plan can only take us in so far, unless the watch of these dark Legions falls far short of its repute.

And this is just our most pressing task. The secrets and rumors we've heard, especially of my late kin (Deities protect their souls) are maddening me when I try to rest. And yet to fly off and investigate will not revive them. If this latest whisper is true, the architect of their woe is long dead. Should I just let this lie and feed my heart with the honey of forgiveness rather than bitter vengeance's gall? How can I do this and stay steady when I am in the land of sorrow and want? But that's just the most dear and personal of these rumors. If the foretelling of war and treachery is true then our work is monumentally hard.

Heavenly Host, every day I need your help and wisdom more. May you protect and guide this Company towards the right action. Leaven us with mercy and sagacity. Protect us from hubris, folly and malice. And send down sorely needed luck and Providence for the tortured souls of this mean and pitiless land.


Teaser Episode Nine: Smoke and Siege

Season One, Episode 9: Smoke and Siege

Wherein our heroes arrive at the besieged town of Manc and attempt to locate the members of the Everburning Cinder they have come to find. Will they attempt to break the siege, to sneak in? Which of their past (mis)deeds might come back to haunt them?  Only time shall tell...

Opening Credits: Earth "A Plague of Angels" from Hibernaculum

Summary - Episode Eight: “Down the Perimeter / Ringing the Bell…”

Season One, Episode 8: "Down the Perimeter / Ringing the Bell..."

Wherein our heroes found themselves sidetracked, tracking down a cache of goods and treasure that Earl Oswald Locklight provided to the Zwaardgeesten.  They obtained great quantities of Ale and planned to provide said ale to the legion laying siege to Manc in order to sow drunkeness among the besiegers  Upon reaching the forest where the cache was supposed to be, our heroes found it had taken on a sinister quality and soon encountered Ealisaid, daughter of the Elf Bearach, who told Hinrik the following:

Simon Neville intends to have the Wizard Zordan Capodevin scry out the identity of the “Patriot” who is blackmailing him.
Simon’s wealth comes from the Deerhurst Wool, that his father, Albion, obtained the rights to sell.  Albion Neville accomplished this by arranging for the dishonor of the Glendower family who originally held Deerhurst county and then persuading the Bosworths to transfer the rights to the Nevilles.
Tryggvi has been unifying the Mountain tribes in order to raid the Free Valleys when war comes, which he thinks will be soon.
Olaf Stangbern has been in the pay of Oswald Locklight and was promised Oswald’s support when he murders his uncle Trggvi.  Oswald told Olaf that he could take the Mountain tribes south and take the mountains in the Ashen Kingdom.
The Ruby of Elagablus is in the possession of Varius, who leads the Zwardgeesten.  Commander Lucian Skaros also seeks the Ruby, which is why he has come to oversee the Seige of Manc personally.
That she recognized the sword Hinrik bore as the sword given by her father to Gerard, the hero, after he made a deal with Bearach to "live forever".  Gerard took the sword and left the Wyrd Desert instead of taking Ealisaid's hand and living forever in the forest as her husband.
Having completed the first part of her dread father's bargain with Hinrik, Ealisaid disappeared.

The company then came across two strange individuals, one a veritable mountain of a man, the other small, pale and sickly, who were digging and searching in the very creek-bed that our heroes had been told the cache was to have been found.  Their search having been less than fruitful, these two unlikely looking companions were surprised by our heroes and then variously questioned, suspected, bribed, threatened, given hospitality, interrogated and so forth on the subject of the cache and their allegiance  all the while the company gave very little information about their own intents and purposes.  Our heroes learned that the companions found out about the cache from a man talking out of his mouth at a nearby inn, the Roasted Rooster.  Pushing further, our heroes discovered that neither man wished to yield up any more information until they cracked and the smaller man, referred to as "Alby" by his companion, told our heroes that "The fire was coming that would burn and cleanse".  Shortly thereafter Alby and his large companion were permitted to leave, vanishing into the dark night, unafraid, while our heroes made camp and prepared to journey on in the morning, towards their true destination...

Closing Credits: Current 93 "Twilight Twilight Nihil Nihil" from All the Pretty Little Horses (The Inmost Light)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Episode 1.07 - Character Journal - Hardwick

MY FACE WAS GOUGED!!! Now before any of the ladies had a chance to really see it, I was healed by the brotherhood and I'm ok... but man that was a crazy fight

We busted in to some bar/inn thing looking for the mole of the rebellion only to find he was the brother of one of our company. Standing there was a pile of metal armor with apparently some guy who apparently was too stupid to know when he is dead. We fought him and his small band for just a moment. I shot him through his stupid armor with an arrow and then again in the leg only to watch him leap through the air...on his damned dead leg.. and reach out and slash me in the face!!! How does that happen???

Gah... I need to start wearing a mask or something.. just to keep that crap from happening.

Well, we are finally moving on from this town for new adventure...wish me good fortune.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Teaser Episode Episode Eight: “Down the Perimeter / Ringing the Bell…”

Season One, Episode 8: “Down the Perimeter / Ringing the Bell…”

Wherein our Heroes arrive outside the Ashen Kingdom city of Manc, only to find that Commander Lucian Sklaros and his XXIIIrd Legion have laid it to siege, attempting to starve out the fanatical Zwaardgeesten.  How will our heroes enter Manc, will they lift the siege or sneak through enemy lines?  What is the secret of the Ruby of Elagablus, which the priest Varius uses to whip the Zwaardgeesten into religious frenzy?  Surely our heroes will not turn tail and flee, allowing a mere siege to thwart them in their quest to prevent the Witchlord from creating a blood sorcery artifact of unimaginable power and evil?

Opening Credits: "Bellringer Blues" by Grinderman from Grinderman 2

Summary - Episode Seven: Swords and Secrets

Season One, Episode 7: Swords and Secrets

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Episode 1.07 - Character Journal - Trent

As it turned out, Norah required us to dispatch her greasy little shit of a brother Kaden, as he was attempting to sell out the Everburning Cinder and most likely our own group as well. We arrived at the location, and after a moment’s hesitation in trying to determine what might have been the most time consuming and convoluted battle plan my compatriots could come up with, I, along with my squad decided to go through the front door and kill everything we could see.
I immediately put my sword through Kaden, and while I didn’t specifically mean to, I avoided any major arteries and organs. The rest of the fight was hectic, but it was over quickly, with minimal casualties. The old warrior managed to hit me pretty good, but it was the archer’s hits that took his attention from me and most likely caused the injuries that killed him.
Most of the information we got out of him was inane garbage about Free Valley noble doings that meant nothing to what we were trying to accomplish, but we did manage to get the name of another mole in the Everburning Cinder.
Kaden was only slightly more useful, and whether or not he ends up living is going to be entirely up to the Everburning Cinder. It was… curious… that the Thane fought so hard for us to keep him alive when even his sister was more than willing to slit his throat for what he’d done. But it’s irrelevant now.
We spent the next month preparing for our next mission down south to Manc. I felt that it was time to attempt to create a new sword. I received the needed materials from Master Simon de La Pole, on the condition that I do the honorable thing and marry the Lady de La Pole's daughter, of whom I had spent time with previously. I did not consider this much of a chore, as I have said before she was quite pleasant to behold.
Then again, I would have to wonder what she may think about it. I suppose it’s something I’ll have to worry about another day.
My attempt to make the sword though was met with failure. The sword itself was impeccable, as thirty years of crafting experience would show through, but it has been too long since I attempted to imbue, and that part of the process failed.
I decided to give the sword to Mercutio, as it is too fine a blade to gift to someone whom I do not trust, and it was through him that I was able to escape from prison and begin this new life. He does not have to know that it was meant for a much higher purpose, and he never needs to know it. I hope that my mistakes this time will allow me to learn and remember better what I was taught and make the next attempt successful.
But now we are off to Manc.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Episode 1.06 - Character Journal - Hardwick

So, about a week ago, I had this dream.  I was completely nude and riding a gigantic wolf through a forest when we came to this clearing. In the middle of the clearing there was a curved sword stuck deep in the trunk of a great oak tree.  The moon shone brightly through the opening of forest before me.  The wolf then spoke, "Go take the sword."  I got down, strode up and pulled the sword from the tree.  At that moment... I woke up with a splitting headache.  I felt a new power running through my my felt almost, furry.

The next night, it was like I suddenly knew what all that new power meant.  I understood new spells in my head... and unfortunately, I understood that they could only be cast at night.  Such a weird power.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Episode 1.06 - Character Journal - Corrie

Caro Diario,

What a knave, I cannot imagine having such malice between brother and
sister. The merchant woman deserves much better than this. With
cunning, we can turn this to our advantage, though it is tricky work
to learn what we need and stay hidden, especially in these unwelcoming
lands. We could use this duplicitous meeting to lead us to our hidden
enemies. Might this be more work of those Border zealots or some new
cabal? If the former, I'll relish their comeuppance.

And yet, the urgency of this chase makes it easy for me to put aside
the horrors of the slums and the refugees. O, the miseries of this sad
lot. O, city of woe city of sorrows. All for the march of armies and
borders did this happen, all for the W. ambition. And his evil grows
even now and he makes capital on the deaths of sorcerous men. Are
hopes of peace shattered thus, by an unholy weapon of terrible might.
How can such rabble -- dare I hope a true rebellion comes of these
little mobs and riots -- stand against this power?

If the Heavens listen to us poor souls -- hear us now, or we will see
the earth truly made ash as the lands fall under the W. shadowy reign.
Leviathan is here in these lands and we must summon all our wits and
our bravery or it will drag us down.


Friday, January 25, 2013

Teaser Episode Seven: Swords and Secrets

Season One, Episode 7: Swords and Secrets
Wherein our heroes attempt to get the drop on Kaden Shaw, formerly Kaden Lawrence, ne'er-do-well brother of Norah, the spy for the Ashen Kingdom in the midst of the Everburning Cinder.  But Kaden is not alone, he's currently in conference with one Barker, and a number of goons, negotiating yet another betrayal of the Everburning Cinder in exchange for treasure and protection from his past misdeeds.  Will our heroes capture Kaden, will they defeat Barker?  Will they continue south on their goal to find the information lost by the vanquished Everburning Cinder cell that had been operating in the Ashen Kingdom town of Manc before the riotous Zwaardgeesten allegedly caused their death?  Will Thane Hinrik have a chance to make good on any of his promises to the capricious Elf Lord Bearach?
Opening Credits: Seven That Spells "Aum" from The Death and Resurrection of Krautock: Aum

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Summary - Episode Six: Tough Times in Tribute

Season One, Episode 6: Tough Times in Tribute

Wherein our heroes took their leave of the Elf Lord, Bearach, and his Wyld Desert and journeyed to the Ashen Kingdom metropolis of Tribute...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Episode 1.06 - Character Journal - Trent

    I just wanted to be rid of the broken ribs and what I assume was a fracture of the bone around my eye. I did not particularly care how it happened. If I had to sit in a monastery for a month, tending a garden, so be it. Broken ribs do not generally promote good moods. I will admit that the transference process, while more painful, was considerably less time consuming. Either way, I am rid of injuries that may have cost me my life had I needed to fight with them. And that is a good thing.

     Our meeting with the Steel Lady was enlightening. Knowing that the Witch Lord is now gathering sorcerers implies that the plans for the room are not only in motion, but are at such an advanced stage is very troubling. To pervert the abilities of my people, and to a more egregious degree, for the benefit of someone who is not Dinda is something that I must make every effort to stop. No one should have that much power.

     Regardless of my indiscretions with drinking, the results were, I would have to say coincidentally fortuitous. There are times though that even when I may be a bit too far in my cups and not make the best of decisions, I'd still like to remember what I did. For good or ill. The girl I woke up to was quite pleasant to behold, and I would have liked to have at least had some recollection of the time I spent with her either way. I will say that the blowhard Thane is beginning to grow on me.

     Now we have a mission. On one hand I regret that I am asking my cohorts, who are basically only co-workers in a company, to undergo what is essentially a shadow operation deep within enemy territory. Many of them are barely capable and most likely even less willing to undergo such a dangerous task. But if the Witch Lord is able to complete this room, and gains this power... well, there is nothing that anyone will be able to do to stop him for doing anything he wants.

     I must cut this short, it seems Norah needs me for a task...

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Episode 1.05 - Character Journal - Hinrik

A contract between Hinrik and Bearach

I, Thane Hinrik Fullspring, also known as Sir Henry Fullspring, enter into the following agreements with the Elf Bearach, master of the Wyld Desert, each swearing to uphold the agreements below upon the Threads the Fates measure out our lives on.
  1. Article 1
    1. Bearach will ensure Earl Oswald Locklight publicly murders his father, Duke Lennart Locklight, and then men loyal to the duke will murder Earl Oswald Locklight in response. This must be completed within 9 months.
    2. In exchange I promise to deliver my first born son as well as a girl in the slums of Tribute by the name Agostina within one year. Bearach will keep the children until they have seen 18 summers, at which point they will be free to follow their own path as an adult. Bearach agrees to ensure the safety of the children while they are in his care. Bearach agrees to allow me and my son’s mother to visit my son 3 months out of a year. Bearach will inform me of whom my first born son is if I have one already or he will tell me with whom I must sire my son if I do not have one.

  1. Article 2
    1. Bearach will supply information and aid in recovery of the hero Gerard’s artifacts as well as identification of whether the sword I now carry is Gerard’s sword. Additionally Bearach will aid in the acquisition of treasures suitable for selling at a high price.
    2. In exchange I promise to bring Bearach the Ruby Of Elagablus, a jewel in possession by an Ashen Kingdom revolutionary in the northernmost province of the Ashen Kingdom

  1. Article 3
    1. Bearach will supply information about the Jarl Tryggvi Stangbern and his people, the Ashen Kingdom, and the Nevilles. The information should be not be common knowledge and have the potential to provide me with monetary or political gains.
    2. In exchange I promise to protect a certain individual named after the deal is struck. I will be obligated to intervene to ensure the individual is not killed at a certain time when our paths cross.

It is agreed that once the deal has been struck neither party can alter the terms. If either party fails to attempt, in good faith, to uphold their obligations then the Fates will exact a suitable punishment.

Thane Hinrik Fullspring

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Teaser Episode Six: Tough Times in Tribute

Season One, Episode 6: Tough Times in Tribute

Wherein our heroes arrive in the Ashen Kingdom stronghold of Tribute, city of intrigue with sprawling slums and shining mansions.  What enemies, new and old, await them in manors and alleys of Tribute, will any new allies reveal themselves?  What plots will they find themselves entangled in?  Will they find time to rest to allow their injuries to heal or will they seek out a healer to bind and tend to their wounds.  
Opening Credits: Legendary Pink Dots "Demolition 13" from Farewell Milky Way