Friday, January 25, 2013

Teaser Episode Seven: Swords and Secrets

Season One, Episode 7: Swords and Secrets
Wherein our heroes attempt to get the drop on Kaden Shaw, formerly Kaden Lawrence, ne'er-do-well brother of Norah, the spy for the Ashen Kingdom in the midst of the Everburning Cinder.  But Kaden is not alone, he's currently in conference with one Barker, and a number of goons, negotiating yet another betrayal of the Everburning Cinder in exchange for treasure and protection from his past misdeeds.  Will our heroes capture Kaden, will they defeat Barker?  Will they continue south on their goal to find the information lost by the vanquished Everburning Cinder cell that had been operating in the Ashen Kingdom town of Manc before the riotous Zwaardgeesten allegedly caused their death?  Will Thane Hinrik have a chance to make good on any of his promises to the capricious Elf Lord Bearach?
Opening Credits: Seven That Spells "Aum" from The Death and Resurrection of Krautock: Aum

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