Friday, March 8, 2013

Teaser Episode Episode Eight: “Down the Perimeter / Ringing the Bell…”

Season One, Episode 8: “Down the Perimeter / Ringing the Bell…”

Wherein our Heroes arrive outside the Ashen Kingdom city of Manc, only to find that Commander Lucian Sklaros and his XXIIIrd Legion have laid it to siege, attempting to starve out the fanatical Zwaardgeesten.  How will our heroes enter Manc, will they lift the siege or sneak through enemy lines?  What is the secret of the Ruby of Elagablus, which the priest Varius uses to whip the Zwaardgeesten into religious frenzy?  Surely our heroes will not turn tail and flee, allowing a mere siege to thwart them in their quest to prevent the Witchlord from creating a blood sorcery artifact of unimaginable power and evil?

Opening Credits: "Bellringer Blues" by Grinderman from Grinderman 2

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