Saturday, April 6, 2013

Episode 1.08 - Character Journal - Corrie

Caro Diario,

Thankfully we keep South and are heading towards a true and just endeavor there. Or so I dare hope. Who knows what folly may come of it with this mercurial crew. Who are these comrades? Though we live together bosom close and spend months of hard travel, I seem to know them not.

Praise all the Heavens that this encounter with the Diggers was a mild one. I fear I am the only one in this company worried about how we get in the besieged city. How formidable are the defenses? How to avoid the red heart patrols? Should we attempt disguise? Och! And then once in, how do we get out? This merchant plan can only take us in so far, unless the watch of these dark Legions falls far short of its repute.

And this is just our most pressing task. The secrets and rumors we've heard, especially of my late kin (Deities protect their souls) are maddening me when I try to rest. And yet to fly off and investigate will not revive them. If this latest whisper is true, the architect of their woe is long dead. Should I just let this lie and feed my heart with the honey of forgiveness rather than bitter vengeance's gall? How can I do this and stay steady when I am in the land of sorrow and want? But that's just the most dear and personal of these rumors. If the foretelling of war and treachery is true then our work is monumentally hard.

Heavenly Host, every day I need your help and wisdom more. May you protect and guide this Company towards the right action. Leaven us with mercy and sagacity. Protect us from hubris, folly and malice. And send down sorely needed luck and Providence for the tortured souls of this mean and pitiless land.


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