Sunday, April 21, 2013

Summary - Episode Nine: “ Smoke and Siege”

Season One, Episode Nine: Smoke and Siege

Wherein our heroes arrived at the Ashen Kingdom town of Manc and found it besieged by the XXIII Legion.  After entering the military camp in the guise of ale sellers, the company engaged in some   reconnaissance and discovered that they were the subject of some intense interest.  The interested party turned out to be a teenage boy, Gerrard Lackland, who knows Duchess Karin Locklight and has sought out Sir Henry Fullspring, seeking to become his squire.  Norah then encountered Lt. Aiden Caskwell, an old childhood friend who invited her to dinner.  Accepting the offer, Norah, as well as Mercutio, Hardwick and Sorina, who accompanied her, found themselves knocked unconscious by poison as part of a Frumentarii plot.  Luckily, Gerrard knew where they were being taken and led Hinrik and Trent there to break the others out of prison.   Gerrard arrived in the knick of time and soon the company was fleeing through the darkness.  Once they were sure of their escape, Hardwick called upon the Night Hunter's Art, howled to the sky and discovered a sewer tunnel the company could crawl through to gain entry into Manc while avoiding the besieging soldiers and zombies.  Once in the city, the company fought off a pack of giant rats and then barely avoided being swept into a pool of sewage by a flood of smaller rats before they climbed, filthy but mostly unhurt, into the smoldering city above.

Closing Credits: Wire "Time Lock Fog" from Change Becomes Us

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