Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Episode 1.06 - Character Journal - Trent

    I just wanted to be rid of the broken ribs and what I assume was a fracture of the bone around my eye. I did not particularly care how it happened. If I had to sit in a monastery for a month, tending a garden, so be it. Broken ribs do not generally promote good moods. I will admit that the transference process, while more painful, was considerably less time consuming. Either way, I am rid of injuries that may have cost me my life had I needed to fight with them. And that is a good thing.

     Our meeting with the Steel Lady was enlightening. Knowing that the Witch Lord is now gathering sorcerers implies that the plans for the room are not only in motion, but are at such an advanced stage is very troubling. To pervert the abilities of my people, and to a more egregious degree, for the benefit of someone who is not Dinda is something that I must make every effort to stop. No one should have that much power.

     Regardless of my indiscretions with drinking, the results were, I would have to say coincidentally fortuitous. There are times though that even when I may be a bit too far in my cups and not make the best of decisions, I'd still like to remember what I did. For good or ill. The girl I woke up to was quite pleasant to behold, and I would have liked to have at least had some recollection of the time I spent with her either way. I will say that the blowhard Thane is beginning to grow on me.

     Now we have a mission. On one hand I regret that I am asking my cohorts, who are basically only co-workers in a company, to undergo what is essentially a shadow operation deep within enemy territory. Many of them are barely capable and most likely even less willing to undergo such a dangerous task. But if the Witch Lord is able to complete this room, and gains this power... well, there is nothing that anyone will be able to do to stop him for doing anything he wants.

     I must cut this short, it seems Norah needs me for a task...

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