Sunday, January 27, 2013

Episode 1.06 - Character Journal - Corrie

Caro Diario,

What a knave, I cannot imagine having such malice between brother and
sister. The merchant woman deserves much better than this. With
cunning, we can turn this to our advantage, though it is tricky work
to learn what we need and stay hidden, especially in these unwelcoming
lands. We could use this duplicitous meeting to lead us to our hidden
enemies. Might this be more work of those Border zealots or some new
cabal? If the former, I'll relish their comeuppance.

And yet, the urgency of this chase makes it easy for me to put aside
the horrors of the slums and the refugees. O, the miseries of this sad
lot. O, city of woe city of sorrows. All for the march of armies and
borders did this happen, all for the W. ambition. And his evil grows
even now and he makes capital on the deaths of sorcerous men. Are
hopes of peace shattered thus, by an unholy weapon of terrible might.
How can such rabble -- dare I hope a true rebellion comes of these
little mobs and riots -- stand against this power?

If the Heavens listen to us poor souls -- hear us now, or we will see
the earth truly made ash as the lands fall under the W. shadowy reign.
Leviathan is here in these lands and we must summon all our wits and
our bravery or it will drag us down.


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