Sunday, March 24, 2013

Episode 1.07 - Character Journal - Hardwick

MY FACE WAS GOUGED!!! Now before any of the ladies had a chance to really see it, I was healed by the brotherhood and I'm ok... but man that was a crazy fight

We busted in to some bar/inn thing looking for the mole of the rebellion only to find he was the brother of one of our company. Standing there was a pile of metal armor with apparently some guy who apparently was too stupid to know when he is dead. We fought him and his small band for just a moment. I shot him through his stupid armor with an arrow and then again in the leg only to watch him leap through the air...on his damned dead leg.. and reach out and slash me in the face!!! How does that happen???

Gah... I need to start wearing a mask or something.. just to keep that crap from happening.

Well, we are finally moving on from this town for new adventure...wish me good fortune.

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