Friday, October 19, 2012

Teaser - Episode Three: Snakefang Strait

Season One, Episode 3: Snakefang Strait

Wherein our heroes find themselves at a crossroads, one way leads to Snakefang Strait, where Javier, the Ashen Kingdom deserter, has warned them that a legion of the Ashen Kingdom is headed to find information that could cripple the rebellion.  Where do the other three roads lead?  As the Unbroken Border gathers strength and prestige, will they oppose it?  Will they seek out the leaders of the Ever-Burning Cinder to ask advice or to once again subordinate the East Bay Company back under the rebellions complete control, merely taking orders and missions as tasked by the rebellion's leaders?  Or will they find themselves caught in a trap set by their enemies?  The heroes sit, listening in silence, to Javier, who swore on his son's bones to only tell them the truth, but outside their warehouse headquarters their foes gather and plot, legions march, the spirits of the dead search across the land and assassins brew their poisons and pick their targets...  
Opening Credits: Om "State of Non-Return" from Advaitic Songs

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