Sunday, October 7, 2012

Episode 1.01 - Character Journal - Hardwick

I'm going to start keeping a journal as some of the things we've seen recently are quite extraordinary.  My master taught me about werewolves (or Lycanthropes as the old tomes refer to them) and I thought them as fantastic as a just monarchy.  Yesterday, I believe that I saw a man transform into a werewolf before my very eyes!

We were charged with delivering a "most precious cargo" into the Ashen Kingdom.  We chose the checkpoint at Char-Lay as there is a town there sympathetic to our company and the goods they need and sell are common.  Upon arrival, we discovered that not all was going to go "as planned."

Needless to say, after some investigation, a group of men had taken the town hostage and would not allow our crossing.  We made plans to change their mind.

During the "discussion" I witnessed a most spectacular lightning bolt strike the leader of their group (quite an interesting coincidence how this exquisite bolt could have hit at such a timely moment...) just as he sprouted some strange hair on his arms.  My companions told me of how he continued to transform into a mangy wolf-looking beast.  The royal member of our group made a lucky swing and finished of the beast as it lurched for the door.

I was the first onto the scene and discovered the wolf-like creature transforming back into a man as it lay there dead.  I was astonished at how such a transformation could take place!  I mean, where do the teeth and hair go while the creature it's man form?

We heard some more strange howls in the night as some of the bandits ran off.  I hope this is the last werewolf I ever have to meet.

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