Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Episode 1.01 - Character Journal - Corrie

Ruffians at the Checkpoint

Ugh, I hate a zealot. Is there anything more disgraceful than a
gentleman making commoners pay the price for his flimsy messianic
nonsense? If your Hero is destined to deliver you, then he doesn’t
need your help. He certainly doesn’t need three poor boys up on pikes.
Fucking pissants.

My duties naturally, were dispatched efficiently and quietly as I
could, though I wish I’d had a chance to keep my ears open longer
around that ass Bladebright. Well, he’s certainly gone by the board,
eh? These Unbroken Border bastards strike me as a persisting nuisance,
so it is a damn shame we let those dogs slip away in the night. I
would have loved to have a chance to really plumb their depths. An
outfit like that’s certain to have a few poorly guarded caches we
could pilfer and it would be a good move to get a sense of how
numerous these pillocks are.

Don’t know about this lot I’m in with, perhaps they’ll prove sound. So
far they seem terribly green – mostly free of discernment and
untroubled by the future. Must pick up some new boots and a warm cloak
in the next decent town if we are going to be sleeping rough. Better
turn in.

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