Sunday, October 21, 2012

Prologue - Episode Three: Snakefang Strait - Continuation

Continuing from the Prologue posted previously...

After a moment of silence, Trent Reynolds, also a former officer in the army of the Ashen Kingdom, spoke up, looking Javier directly in the eye, “Tell me absolutely everything you know about Lucian Skaros.  Facts, rumors, vague whispers, anything.”

Javier chuckled weakly, “That would take days...  The Commander, as most necromancers do, takes his privacy seriously, he is almost composed of rumors and vague whispers.  And facts, well, here are some facts, Commander Skaros is relentless when he wishes and his command of his troops is absolute.  Even if he were not feared as a master of necromancy, he is a brilliant commander and his troops would follow him to the ends of the world.  Whatever secret the rebellion discovered or could discover in the papers they took when they found that mole was serious enough that it motivated the Commander to give up his plum position overseeing labor camps in the south and conducting his experiments to take the command of the border.”

“What about the legion he commands?” Trent asked, unfazed.

“The 23rd Legion is the pride and heart of the Witchlord's army, being transferred into the 23rd is a point of honor and prestige for most legionnaires.  Commander Skaros took command over it six years ago, being sent personally by the Witchlord to slay its former commander.  When I fled, the Commander was with a single cohort and some auxiliaries, having broken the legion into its ten cohorts.  The First Cohort, Sixth and Eighth cohorts were sent to Tribute and the others were sent to man the border posts with the cavalry spread amongst the cohorts in 12 man teams to provide communications.  The Ninth Cohort, my previous command, is the one that Lucian kept with him.  The Ninth is the fastest and contains most of the centuries of commandos.  Because of some previous casualties six months back, the Ninth Cohort is still not at full strength, so I'd guess that the Commander only has about three hundred legionnaires and maybe fifty auxiliaries with him.”   Javier looked around at the other members of the East Bay Company and then realized that he had straightened up to a posture of military attention as he had spoken of his former cohort.

Cutscene soundtrack: Zoe Keating "Legions (War)" from One Cello X 16: Natoma

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