Monday, October 22, 2012

Prologue - Episode Three: Snakefang Strait - Part Three

Prologue - Episode Three: Snakefang Strait - Part I
Prologue - Episode Three: Snakefang Strait - Part II

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There was another moment of silence and then Norah went over to her desk and pulled out a map.  "It will take us two days by boat to get to Snakefang Strait," she said after examining the map for a moment, then she turned to Javier, "How long will it take Skaros to get there?"

Javier stood and came over to the crate the map was spread out on, Ochoa stayed with the duffel bag, which settled against the large wolf's flank with a soft clatter as Javier moved away  He placed a finger just west of Tribute, "This is where I left Lucian a week ago, I went north east, knowing that he would be heading west still.  If he moves as fast as he can, he might be able to make it to the Strait in two to three days, if he's going the pace he was when I left, it will probably take him a little less than a week."  The chattering from the duffel started to get louder, as Javier talked and once he finished, he hurried back to the crate he had been sitting on and the bag slowly quieted.

Obviously curiously, Thane Hinrik cleared his throat, "Perhaps, Javier, you could enlighten us as to what you have in the bag?"

"I'd prefer not to," Javier laid a hand on the bag, and another on his spear, "it's rather personal and I'm not sure if it you need to know."

"Come now Javier, no one needs to know anything, but we all want to know everything.  Perhaps you have something you want to know about me...?"  Hinrik gave Javier a dashing smile.

"I think it might be better for you if I did not know too much about you," Javier spoke softly, "and anyway, I intend to be as far from you as I can manage soon."

"Or perhaps you'd tell us in exchange for other information?" Hinrik countered smoothly, "How far do you intend to travel North, we could provide information on a good port to call on, perhaps?  Or if you need assistance with whatever is in the bag, we could see what we could provide to help with that?"

"As I said before, when we first met," Javier answered, "I intend to cross the Great Waste and seek a new fortune in the Merchant cities to its North, to get as far as I can from Commander Skaros and the Ashen Kingdom.  And there is nothing you can do about what is in the bag, it is my burden to bear with me and nothing about it will haunt you once I am gone from here and on my way."

Cutscene soundtrack: The Angels of Light "Song For My Father" from New Mother

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