Monday, October 8, 2012

Episode 1.01 - Character Journal - Trent

Well, if anything, we all survived. That much we had going for us. And if we can’t be good, hopefully we’ll be lucky.
On what should have been a relatively easy run to deliver Alonzo into the Ashen Kingdom, we managed to run into members of the Unbroken Border, who just by their name imply that they’re going to be giving us problems for the foreseeable future. Knowing how xenophobic they were, I elected not to speak, or else my southern Ashen Kingdom accent would cause more problems than being able to reason would solve. And boy did we want to start causing problems for some reason.
Instead of just sneaking Alonzo through the town in the middle of the night and getting him safely to where we were tasked to take him, ACCORDING TO OUR MISSION, we decided to turn into a death squad and take a crack at neutralizing a superior force. Because they killed some townspeople, and were holding the rest hostage. Not to say that we knew exactly why they killed the townspeople, but hey, snap judgments are always the best judgments.
There was nothing about this that I liked. Not only did we invite the leader of this little band to dinner as a “distraction”, it was decided to split our fighting force to further handicap us in the tasks that we had decided to accomplish. I will chalk it up to blind luck and a lack of discipline on the part of the Unbroken Border leader that he wasn’t more suspicious of us to start with.
My group took down the troops guarding the children of the village without much resistance, though they did manage to get a signal off, which caused the leader to attack our other group. They were successful in defeating him (they said he was a werewolf, which just further cemented how short-sighted they were in wanting to distract him by basically exposing our jugular to him and taunting him to bite), though the blowhard Thane did look a bit worse for wear when we returned.
The remainder of the troops fled, and I did what I could with our influence to make sure that our names were kept out of what happened here. There was talk of hunting them down, but it would be a futile exercise, as they have both familiarity with the terrain and an abundance of time to go to ground and report.
All in all, as long as the mission is completed, that’s all I should care about. But while I am relatively new to the smuggling trade, I’m fairly certain that our methods should involve more subterfuge and avoidance than assaults and mercy missions. We will see if this turns out to be a common occurrence, and I’ll decide from there what kind of role I want to have in this rebellion.

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