Monday, October 8, 2012

Episode 1.01 - Character Journal - Norah


The troupe has made it through Char-Lay and Alonso has been delivered. There was some problems in Char-Lay though, The Unbroken Border,was there and they have some interesting members in their party. The Unbroken Border had killed The Ashen Kingdom guards, and with them our bribe through, they had also taken some children hostage to keep the townsfolk at bay. We freed the children and killed most of the men, though a few got away. At least one of the members of the rising sun, his name was Joachim, was a shape-shifter as he could turn into a wolf. Thane ended up delivering the final blow to him but we heard more howls in the distance later on that night. Perhaps you should send word around that The Unbroken Border could be a problem for anyone who is crossing the boarder in this area.


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