Monday, October 22, 2012

Episode 1.02 - Character Journal - Hardwick

Journal entry #2:

This is a short entry as I am still healing from from a couple of arrow wounds.

Rule one of stealthy infiltration:  don't be seen
Rule two:  don't be heard:
Rule three: if you break rule one or two, LIE about why you are attempting to be unseen or unheard
- some of my favorites:
 • a wizard made me do it
• that guy said he would pay me to kill you (point to a random guy)
• I am sent from the past/future to warn you...
• I want to join your band/cult (religion)/army/cause

And lastly
• I'm in love with you (doesn't always work but will always confuse the hell out of your quarry... Sometimes long enough for you to escape)

Thing not to do:

• run away
• attack
• ask for forgiveness

Next time I should definitely try one of the Should Do's...

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