Monday, October 22, 2012

Episode 1.02 - Character Journal - Norah

Jerrod –

I wanted to send you an update, recently we have ran into an Ashen Kingdom deserter, Javier, and he has divulged some interesting information. There has been a mole in the Ever-Burning Cinder for six years; two years ago there was a strike force sent out to kill the handlers, I don't remember hearing anything about this but you might as you are far deeper in than I. The strike force was thought to have been lost after they left port and never turned up in the Free Valleys. Turns out that Commander Skaros from the Ashen Kingdom has found a report about a ship that was wrecked in the Snakefang Strait days after the strike force had departed. It seems like Skaros has been moving his forces towards the Snakefang Strait in order to investigate the wreak himself. The information that was in those files the strike force gathered is invaluable to us, so I think I am going to convince my company to move on this. I hope to leave today to get there as soon as possible, I don't know when I will be able to send word next, but hopefully it will be accompanied by mole information.

– Norah

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