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Summary - Episode Five:...And Through the Woods...

Season One, Episode 5: ...And Through the Woods...

The Castle Lasthold, seat of the Locklight Family:

“Earl, I have the report from the emissary.”
“What does our good friend say of the adulterer and his band?”
“Henry met with the Jarl and convinced him to take Carson on as a foster.”
“So the thieving whelp is out of our reach?
“Unless you wish all out war with the Mountain Folk, yes.  But there is good news.”
“Henry has the Liberator.”
“So at least the blade of the Hero will be ours to take back.  Did the emissary say where the traitor and his brood were going?”
“To the Wyld Desert to pay a debt for the Jarl and then on to Tribute.”
“Get Barker to Tribute, he shall be an effective agent for us there.”
“What is his objective.”
“First to kill Henry, failing that to kill the traitor's allies, failing that to obtain the Liberator by any means necessary.”
“Very good m'lord, it shall be done as you command.”

In the heart of the Wyld Desert, home of the wood elf, Bearach:

"Are the outsiders gone, father?"
"Yes, Ealisaid, they have repaid the debt owed me by Tryggvi Stangbern."
"Then the ogre?"
"Is dead, and not by my hands or by the hands of any of my blood, as was promised."
"One caught my eye, father, one of them I wish to have."
"My dear child, you know that your father will gladly give you what you desire."
"Then the one of my choosing can be mine?"
"Yes, Ealisaid, they made a deal to travel through our desert to avoid the human futile human struggles that still wrack the land that was stolen from us."
"Thank you gracious father, you have made my heart sing this day."
"Soon, daughter, soon we shall take back more of our land, with the Ogre's heart I can call more warriors back from the Shining Realms."

The bustling village of New Char-lay, twenty five miles south of the original, and on the other side of the Ashen Border.

"Headwoman Mara, I am Commander Lucian Skaros of the XXIII legion.  We have not had the pleasure of being introduced.  Is all well?"
"Yes, commander, the hospitality and aid that you and Magistrate Moratti have shown has been a balm to all of us."
"Very good, though I would say it is no longer hospitality as you and your people are now citizens of our mighty kingdom and under the full protection of its armies.  You need no longer to worry about bandits, smugglers or the bullies of the Unbroken Border."
"We are very grateful, Commander, after the attack our village suffered it is reassuring to have your outpost guarding our village."
"I am glad, and as the Magistrate promised, the outpost will always be here to keep your village safe.  I was wondering if you would tell me more of the night of the attack.  I am hoping what you can tell me will help me bring those who struck at your village and took advantage of it that night can be brought to justice."
"Of course commander, I and my village are in your debt."

The Monastery of Blessed Immaculate Purity, Temple of the Goddess Inanna, home of the finest healers in both the Free Valleys and Ashen Kingdom, twelve miles south-west of the Wyld Desert:

"Mother Superior?"
"Yes, child?"
"The tithe has been counted."
"Very good, are the new penitents being treated?"
"Yes, the other sisters are seeing to them."
"May the Goddess cleanse them of all their sin and sickness.  Have them alms been distributed yet?"
"We are just beginning to, last weeks tithes allowed us to purchase more bread than before."
"Come with me child, we shall go oversee the giving of alms and then we shall visit our new penitents to help bring them healing and peace."

The House of Transference, a run-down warehouse somewhere in the slums of Tribute.

"Master Elpidius!"
"Yes, novice?"
"We have new patients, six of them, from a mercenary company."
"Have they many wounds?"
"Three of them are unable to stand."
"Tell Severina to gather a dozen of the Hopeful.   Do they mercenaries have good coin?"
"They do, Master."
"Very good, make sure we get our quarter."
"Yes, Master."

An nondescript room somewhere in a noble manor in Tribute:

"Gah! You frightened me.  What is the code?"
"More silver for the coins."
"So it's true, I finally have a new handler?"
"Indeed, call me Ella."
"That is a poor joke."
"It is my joke to make, you should remember your place."
"...I suppose.  Are you ready for my report on the Undying Cinder?"
"Yes, my commander is very eager to hear you know.  It has been too many years since you have given us your inside knowledge of the rebellion."

The Neville Manor in Restport:

"Simon, you look very troubled, what worries you?"
"The letter.  How did this 'patriot' know?"
"We should not worry about how they knew, you should decide what to do."
"I'm tempted to just pay them."
"But how much gold would be enough?"
"True, but making an offer would at least let me know how dry they intend to bleed me and I could decide from there."
"It is your decision, of course."
"Do you still have a way to contact the Wizard Zordan?"
"Master Capodevin?  Yes, I believe so, though he may be suspect, rumor holds that his son crossed over to the Ashen Kingdom."
"So much the better for my purposes, then..."

The Castle Lasthold, seat of the Locklight Family:

"Duchess Karin, you look worried."
"I am Osgar, I worry for Carson, I am her only family."
"My father has many men looking for her, I am sure they will find her and keep her safe."
"Sometimes, Osgar, I almost wish you were the hero reborn."
"What did you say duchess, I could not hear you?"
"Nothing my dear Osgar, I am only speaking a small prayer to the Three Gods that Carson is safe."
"I shall pray for her as well, in the chapel, and I will pray to the Hero as well, that his might watch over her.  Goodnight Duchess."

Closing Credits: "Behemoth (Live)" from FOETUS IN EXCELSIS CORRUPTUS DELUXE MALE

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