Sunday, December 2, 2012

Episode 1.04 - Character Journal - Hinrik

A letter sent via multiple anonymous channels to Simon Neville
To whom it may concern,
I’ve recently come into possession of some interesting reading material from south of the border.  Interestingly enough some of it quite prominently features a notable rapscallion by the name of Simon Neville.
It seems Master Neville has plans of improving his family's holdings in Restport by gambling that his homeland will be invaded by it’s southern enemy.  Of course he hedged his bet by selling sensitive information to the enemy.
A thought occurred to me while reading this fascinating account of treason; who should I share this with?  I certainly considered letting everyone know - perhaps by commissioning an article in the Restport Herald.  I then thought, well no, that may be an excessive reaction to something that could perhaps be a misunderstanding.  I then considered letting a select few know, perhaps Earl Oswald Locklight or Duke Esmond Fullspring for example.
But then I thought, that I should really give Simon the opportunity to right his wrongs.  To that end how do you suppose he could repent for his deeds?  I suspect an excellent first step would be to donate his undeserved income to a true patriot.  How do you suppose Simon would take that?
Any recommendation on how best to proceed would be most appreciated.
A concerned patriot.

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