Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Episode 1.05 - Character Journal - Corrie

Dear Diary,

Whew, these overland journeys will be the death of me. So much eerie business in this waste -- a bit c'est trop. Not too thrilled with this fellow, B. I'd hate to think of owing a favor to that bastard. Asking us to take a child? Nasty business!

Terribly pleased to see the Company forming up a bit better. Really must look into getting a decent kit for entertaining. I felt a bit caught out at the Jarl's hall with just my traveling clothes. Dashed difficult to get any decent whispers when you look like the kitchen help. I might try to pick up a few techniques from these mountain lads. We seem to get in the stew rather more than is sensible. And I'll bet that won't slack up much with them and "their honor" breezing around the place with us. Phwoar, they sure know how to take a hit though. Or maybe Mercutio could train me up a bit. I think quicker dodging might be more my thing, really.

Well, better turn in. Ought to be rested up for Tribute!


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