Friday, September 21, 2012

Character Background: Thane Hinrik Fullspring

The story of Thane Hinrik Fullspring's life has been one of extremes in riches and poverty, love and hate, freedom and captivity, and this is his story.

Hinrik was born Sir Henry Fullspring, second son of the renowned Fullspring family of the Free Valleys. Henry was an adorable and charismatic child that grew to a handsome and magnetic man. His childhood was luxurious, his every whim was attended and his every desire fulfilled. That is not to say he never heard the word no, he simply disregarded its finality. At a young age he became aware of his social standing, and thus his ability to get what he wanted. He had no qualms over pleading for what he wanted or simply taking what he wanted if his lessers ignored his incessant whining.

Henry's rise into manhood was much like his childhood, though he tended to rely on his looks and charms to get what he wanted instead. That is to be expected given that what he wanted was women. Henry became skilled in the courtly arts and the stealth required to enjoy the company of many woman of the court. He broke many hearts and probably ruined several relationships.

Unfortunately for Henry, he was susceptible to love also, and fell in love he did. What made the love unfortunate is that he fell in love with a married woman. What made it even more unfortunate is that he fell in love with Duchess Karin Locklight, second wife of the Duke Lennart Locklight and matron of the Locklight family of the Free Valleys. Alis loved Henry too, and their secret meetings were wonderful, and all was well. But, love cannot be hidden, and in time, the Duke Lennart caught wind of the affair, and his retribution was swift.

One evening Henry received word that he should meet Karin. He went to the meeting, but Karin did not show. After waiting for some time his patience was punished by a group of hired thugs. He was attacked and kidnapped by a group of barbarians. Luckily for him the barbarians knew someone of his caliber had more worth alive than dead, so he was brought to their mountain camp and held prisoner.

This is where Henry's life ends, and Hinrik's begins.

Hinrik was put to work in the kitchen. In the beginning he hated it. His feet and back hurt from all the standing. His hands were burned and cut. However the life of a pauper is better than no life at all, and so he persevered. Not only did he persevere, but he actually got to be rather good at cooking, and it was through his cooking that he gained a minor the ear of a minor noble of the barbarian tribe, Thane Larus Axbjarn.

As far as Hinrik was concerned his food was great, though in reality it was a little hit or miss. His popularity was probably more due to the fact that people liked the idea of a noble from the high and mighty Free Valleys cooking their meal. Larus was no different in that regard. What made Larus different was that he thought he could get something out of knowing Hinrik. He talked to Hinrik about the barbarian intrigue, and Hinrik gave him a few pointers.

Pointers to Larus turned into talks with other nobles, and it was through this that he finally came to meet Jarl Tryggvi Stangbern. Tryggvi took a liking to him and decided to bring him under his wing. Hinrik learned what it meant to be a noble of the mountain folk. Hinrik earned his respect and proved himself, and was eventually made a Thane.

Jarl then put him to work as a merchant, knowing that Hinrik's friendly looks and charm backed by his lashing tongue would do wonders in getting deals for better goods. But the reason Jarl really wanted him there was because of the smuggling ring.

Hinrik found the idea appealing as well, since it got him freedom to travel. The best thing is that occasionally he gets back to the Free Valley, and when he does, he is sure to discreetly meet Karin.

Hinrik has never contacted his family. They believe he ran away and is likely dead. But that is not way. His main concern is for Karin. If he suddenly returned there would be questions about where he had been and why, and if the truth came out Karin would suffer either through a physical attack or dishonor.

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