Saturday, September 22, 2012

Character Background: Hardwick Longshaft

My name is Hardwick Longshaft. I am...a hedge wizard. I hate that name. Everywhere I go, people associate it with dirty hermits and street showmen.

I was born into a military family. My father, Helmut Longshaft, was a lieutenant in a low level Duke's tower guard. I learned the bow early on and even stood watch a couple times.

When I was 12, I took the guild test and scored just high enough to earn an apprenticeship with a wizard of some repute. While I apprenticed, I excelled in the magics of the wind. My plan was to someday combine them with my bow and make my father proud.

When I was 16, a local magistrate heald an archery contest for a large cash prize. I asked my master if I could enter and was told that wizards do not enter physical contests. I entered the contest using the name of one of the guards I used to stand watch with back home. I won that contest...fairly. the magistrate recognized me as I went to collect my reward and had me thrown out of town citing using a false name and inciting some sort of trouble the wizards and king. To avoid starting a war, my master had me branded a traitor to the tower and the magistrate exiled me from the land.

I spent the next year begging for food and shelter before turning to crime in order to survive. I wasn't a famous outlaw or anything but I made a living. Mostly, I stole from caravans... I heard about some band of guys who did something similar in Shertown...or something like that.

One night, I tried to rob a band of entertainers and was caught. Apparently, they were resistance fighters in disguise! One of them recognized my branding just before they left me for the wolves and convinced the others that the resistance needed more wizards. I was offered a choice; join or stay there until the wolves came. Tough choice...

I spent the next couple years with this troupe. We would travel around the land and perform for the people. Our leader would walk among the people looking for those he thought might be sympathetic to the resistance.

Eventually, as my power grew, my band started to gain noteriaty for traveling with a wizard and I was given a new assignment. I was never good at recrutement anyways...

Now, I find myself on a boat. apparently wizards are not unheard of on boats because of the monsters that can sometimes rise up out of the sea...lucky for me.

I am a fighter for the cause that believes in me. I am a wizard trying to combine magic with bow. I am a son trying to make his father proud.

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