Sunday, November 4, 2012

Episode 1.03 - Character Journal - Hinrik

A letter - Sent via a trusted source

Dearest Karin,

I am so very near Last Rest that it pains me to know I cannot see you. If you should find occasion, a short vacation near the coast may be in order.

But, this letter is not about my dreams; nor your’s. I am writing to let you know Carson has found me. She is quite safe, and I have assured her I would keep her that way. She has found the Locklight bloodline to be objectionable, and, having heard my praises from your gentle lips, she decided she may be better off relocated. Please do not worry after her. I am well aware my current lifestyle does not suit the care of a beautiful young woman such as Carson, so I have requested a friend take her in and teach her the true meaning of nobility.

I will write you again once arrangements have been finalized. You may expect correspondence from her through similar means.

Your Servant, Hinrik
A letter - Sent via standard channels

My most esteemed Jarl Stangbern,

Tryggvi, please do not think what I am about to ask you presumptuous, because it is not a question I ask lightly. But, in this case, I believe you to be my best option.

I assume you remember Karin, I spoke so often of her I doubt you could forget even if you wanted. Karin’s young cousin Lady Carson has met will ill fortune as of late, losing both of her parents and going to live in the Locklight household because of her relation with Karin.

Carson could not abide living with the Locklights, as I can very well understand. Having heard Karin’s stories of me, Carson ran away to find me, and find me she did. She has asked for refuge with me, but as you would expect I very much doubt my current traveling lifestyle is suitable for the education of a young girl.

My hope is that you would be willing to take on the safety and education of this fine young girl. When I am finally able to live my life with Karin we of course would take over her care.

I send this letter ahead to give you time to think. You may try to reach me by messenger, but that is at time easier said than done. If I do not hear from you I will be on my way to speak with you in person.

Thane Hinrik Fullspring

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