Sunday, November 4, 2012

Episode 1.03 - Character Journal - Corrie

Now it is clear, these folk are a rabble. They have no way to guide others because they are new as babies born themselves. And the soldier, who is canny to the world’s ways will not lead. He is a defender and born to support a true leader. Likewise the Cigany woman. Though she and the trader are rich, they run a crew of men far different than their accounts. Which is to say with slack and full play in the line. Though I must credit her full marks for that stormy passage. I thought sure we would die on the rocks. Still it is better to want rule than chafe under iron discipline of a petty tyrant. If this company will last and make a real worthy enterprise someone must take the wheel. All must deliberate well, decide our course and hold fast to it. Sometimes I envy that hawk the soldier keeps. I would look down on high and check that what we’ve done has caused no lasting evil. How is that young girl in the hill lands? How fares the priest? Does the evil army march on us? What dark purpose does the traitor bring to the North? Och, I will take my leave of this company for a week or so. A break away from this motley crew will do my heart and body good. I should reacquaint myself with the port folk and see what intelligence I can find on all these loose ends.

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