Sunday, August 26, 2012

Season One Possible Plot Lines

Enumerating the five possible plot lines for the Players to choose from for Season One and giving example characters and companies.

Across the Ashen Border
 Wherein our heroes cross the perilous border between the Free Valleys and the Ashen Kingdom, the dangers they encounter, the rivals they find and those who attempt to stop them.
 Possible Characters: Tribute Exile, Caravan Driver, Down on their Luck Mercenary, Border Merchant   
 Possible Companies: Smugglers, Tribute Rebels, Unscrupulous Merchants, Tribute Nobles

Unrest in Last Rest
 Wherein our heroes find themselves in the midst of political turmoil in the city of Last Rest as one of the Five Families that rules the city sways and seems ready to topple.  Will our heroes seek to keep the status quo, foment total revolution or merely take advantage of the chaos to cement their own influence?
 Possible Characters: Noble out for Revenge, Beggar Spy, Status Climbing Merchant, Machiavellian Sage
 Possible Companies: A minor branch of one of the Five Noble Families, a minor noble family (not of the Five), Last Rest revolutionaries, Merchant Guild

What to Call the Last Port of Call
 Wherein our heroes are swept up in an attempted revolution that would break the rule of the Five Families of Last Rest over Restport.  Will our heroes support the noble family of Restport, a sailor democracy or a merchant oligarchy or will they make use of the chaos to enrich themselves?
 Possible Characters: Former pirate, Restport Noble, Power hungry merchant, Sailor Revolutionary
 Possible Companies: Revolutionary cell, pirate ship, counter-revolutionaries for hire, Opportunistic merchants

Unknown Legacy of the Last Hero
 Wherein our heroes discover hidden secrets about Gerard, the Last Hero who shattered the Old Empire and kept the Free Valleys unconquered.  What motivations send them after this hidden knowledge, who will they have to wrest it from and what will they do with it?
 Possible Characters: Knight who idolizes Gerard, Country Sage, Curious Noble, Sorcerer Historian
 Possible Companies: Knightly Order, Adventuring Scholars, Minor Noble Family seeking a connection to the Hero, Cult of the Hero

Seekers of the Lost Temples
Wherein our heroes seek out and explore ancient and ruined temples of the Lost Gods.  What treasures, mysteries or knowledge do they seek, who else haunts these old ruins?
 Possible Characters: Treasure hunter, Devotee of a Lost God, Antiquarian, Warrior troubled by prophetic dreams.
 Possible Companies: Sorcerer’s coven, Cult of a Lost God, Scavengers, Minor Noble family searching for a shortcut to power.

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